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Klitmoller | Feb 01 - 14:50 MESZ | SSW - 4 Bft
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_golden oktoberfest rules

[Important: The golden Dr. Schmock's rules for your first Oktoberfest visit]

[028_01] Order a "Maß Beer" and a "Brez'n".
Important is the right pronunciation:
"Mass" - Don't say "Maas"
"Brrezn"- Don't say "pretzl"

Original bavarian "Tracht". Don't wear tracht unless you were born, raised and are living in Munich

[028_03] The famous bavarian comedian Gerhart Polt said: "Let's leave our wives at home, because we want to have fun at the oktoberfest"

[028_04] Don't buy funny hats. They are not funny!

[028_05] Don't be too late! In the beer tents people dance on the tables already at 7:00 pm.

[028_06] Beware of carrousels and roller coasters after bavarian beer consumption. You might need a bucket.

[028_07] Try to delay your first pee as long as possible. If you have started once, you have to go at least every 20 minutes.

[028_08] Look out for Munich's VIPs. Here on the picture the famous Mr. Mooshammer, giving a interview to the bavarian television.

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