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PWA Starboard Severne Alpha Classic 2014
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04|11|2014      day 06

Bei stark rückläufigem Swell am sechsten Tag des Alpha Classic fiel die Entscheidung früh, die ausstehenden Heats der Double Elimination nicht zu starten. Für morgen sehen die Bedingungen besser aus.

Thomas Traversa
Für Thomas Traversa gab es am frühen morgen einen Schock, er erlitt eine Verletzung, die mit einem eventuellen Muskelfaserriss diagnostiziert wurde. Sollte Thomas nicht antreten können, ist sein Weltmeistertitel gefährdet - für den Fall das sich Victor Fernandez gegen Marcilio Browne durchsetzten kann.

Im PWA Interview spricht die frisch gebackene Wave Weltmeisterin Iballa Moreno.

Iballa Moreno
PWA: How does it feel to officially be the 2014 PWA Wave World Champion?
Iballa Moreno: “I wasn’t coming to Maui with this in my head…Only had good memories from 2006 and wanted to come and enjoy the waves again. I missed sailing this tack and I was looking forward to ride some proper waves only.”
“Daida didn’t have the heats she wanted and it put me in a position to win the tittle. So I was lucky in that way! I was constant this season and that was a pay off. I’m sure if we had more events on tour, and with a discard, Daida had all the chances to win, but with no discards and not able to have any mistakes, I was in an advantage by making the finals in the Aloha Classic.”
“What does it feel like? I’m happy we are both in top two rankings again!”
PWA: This is world title number six for you, do any of them standout from the others and if so why?
Iballa Moreno: “Not sure if this is my PWA title number 5? All I know my first event win ever was Aloha Classic 2006 and this one could be a fourth one…so I didn’t win many events in my career due the lack of conditions like this and because simply Daida is better sailor than me on port tack - especially in jumps . I’m very happy I won the tittle this year, so It may give a bit more of emotions into the tour ;)”
PWA: On the day of competition, what equipment were you on?
Iballa Moreno: “I was sailing the whole competition on my 4,7 Severne Blade and my 69 Starboard QUAD that is an incredible combo in these conditions! with 8cm front fins and 13.5cm back fins…small but for my weight it was just perfect.”
PWA: Coming into the final event of the year were you thinking about the possibility of being able to be come world champ, or just trying to concentrate on taking it heat-by-heat?
Iballa Moreno: “I was just trying to have fun in the waves…and ride as I can. I knew I could get a title but since it wasn’t depending 100% on me, I just concentrated on going in the water and enjoy every ride possible ;).”
PWA: How are you feeling about trying to defend your Aloha Classic single elimination crown? And is it tough waiting around now?
Iballa Moreno: Yes, getting pretty nervous! But at the same time really exciting! I think Junko [Nagoshi] is going to come back strong against Tiffani [Ward], but she won’t let Junko have it too easy. And Fiona - she is amazing in this conditions and super stoked to see young blood on tour! I hope she comes and join us in more events from PWA in the other tack (like Pozo Izquierdo or Tenerife). Meanwhile, I will be having some fun with her on Stand Up Tour as she is also competing with me on some of the SUP Surf events.
Lets see how the double finishes…. I surely will like to maintain the level and if I surf like I normally do and if I do lose the heat I will be still happy I made the finals and lost against someone better than me.”
PWA: Thanks, Iballa, and once again a huge congratulations to you on the 2014 world title.

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