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02|03|2016      Vincent Langer GER-1 im NorthSails International Windsurf Team

Vincent Langer sicherte sich im vergangene Jahr die Overall Wertung des GWA Windsurf Formula und Slalom Cups. Ab sofort fährt der Kieler für das NorthSails International Windsurf Team mit.

Vincent, now it is official! Welcome to the NorthSails Interna7onal Team! How did this happen?

Vincent: I have been with Point7 for 5 years now and a change was overdue. Thanks to the good coopera8on with Fana8c it was simply an easy decision to choose NorthSails. I am so happy having made this step and I am looking forward a lot to the season „in white“.

Could you test some sails, yet?

Vincent: I have been to Capetown with the Fana8c team, in January. Over there we finalized the 2017 slalom boards and partly tested them with North. I was stoked from the very beginning. The Warps are super light compared to all other brands and they have an unbelievable accelera8on. Also the North booms, masts and extensions are mega light and unbelievable good in all categories.

Why North Sails?

Vincent: North is an amazing brand, especially the Warp Slalom Sails. The sails are amazingly fast and light. And also the components like Extensions, Booms and Mast are the best on the market. I really like the brand and the way they work with teamriders and clients. One of the last professional brand in the windsurfing market.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Vincent: As a friendly and ambi8ous Windsurfer from Kiel, who loves to be on the water and to compete against friends.

Sailnumber GER-1
Date of Birth 18.10.86
Birthplace Preetz, Germany
Currently living in Kiel, Germany
Started windsurfing in 2000
People you like to sail with Marco Lang, as well as my Slalom friends from Kiel and Hamburg
Favourite spot Kiel/Heidkate
Favourite food Lasagne
Favourite magazine SURF Magazin, Windsurfers, Dailydose and windsurfnews
Hobbies Spinning and relaxing 8me with friends

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