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Graham Ezzy goes down south   by umipictures

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Punta San Carlos, generally known as Baja, is situated along the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula on the west coast of Mexico. Right in the middle of nowhere, it really is the ideal get away spot: away from civilization, away from cars, and away from crowded waves. There are no paved roads for 40 miles, no running water on site, and tons of lonely waves. When Graham Ezzy told us he had a trip planned to Baja we jumped at the chance to tag along. A brilliant time enjoying great food, too many Coronas and sleeping under canvas as well as waves and wind pretty much every day.
Tags: umipictures, Graham, Ezzy, wavesailing, USA1, Mexico, Baja


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taekis ( says: 02.10.10 - 01:23
does anyone know what the track is called?

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