Naxos | Apr 26 - 8:50 MESZ | N - 3 Bft
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[Dr. Schmock Adventskalender] Do it yourself!

[01] Required tools: hammer, ruler, spirit level, file, drill with 10mm drill bit, 2x 10mm screws, srewdriver and wall plugs

[02] Additionally: Numbers 1 - 24 printed on card and some scissors

[03] and of course...

[04] carefully cut out the numbers...

[05] ...and stick them on the bottles

[06] Carefully drill first hole...

[07] ...and the second one.
Ensure that your wife isn't about to come round the corner.

Mounting: Insert the two 10mm wall plugs, screw the scews into the wall so that they protrude by 2 cm. This provides an ideal mounting for the beer crate.

[08] Simply mount! - VOILA!

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