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Surf & Action Company. Reiseprofi seit 1993
001 -- little back loop

29|09|2006Rob Hofmann
002 -- little forward

29|09|2006view of bay
003 -- Latina rules.....all conditions spot

29|09|2006getting dark in the back...
004 -- to owerpowered to do anything..

29|09|2006getting more dark..
005 --

29|09|2006Surfing with friends..
006 -- ...is the most fun ...

Hi everybody,
latina has shown some potential in the last few weeks....looks like the season is slowly starting...we are waiting for big winter storms! Come and check out latina only 50 Km from roma! ONLY WINDSURFERS, NO KITERS!!!!
Kiting sucks!!

Ciao Rob hofmann

NS,M° I-11

ION Curv Series
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