Steinhuder Meer | Apr 24 - 13:20 MESZ | ESE - 3 Bft
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Surf & Action Company. Reiseprofi seit 1993
29|05|2006Vincent Bakker
001 -- shaka-attempt in gust up to 20 m/s...

002 -- Backloop

29|05|2006Lars Green
003 -- spock invisible..

004 -- forward coming in

005 -- shove-it

29|05|2006Lars Green
006 -- backloop

A windy day (3.7-4.0) at the southcoast of Sjślland/DK (Kramnitse, near RÝdby). The rest of the island didn't have any wind, so it was a test for us to see how it was on this side of the island.

A lot smaller waves on this part of the Baltic Sea compared to the Kattegat and "outher Baltic Sea" (the actual Baltic)!

Nevertheless heaps of sideshore wind = fun.

Cheers, Vincent D-772/H-772

Simmer, Brunotti Boards

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