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Viking of the Fjord

Under summer conditions was the Viking of the Fjord freestyle event held on Saturday, 6th May. 22 lethal and loud Vikings waited for the wind to appear. The wind came at about 1400 hours in full strength so the battle could commence – vikingstyle! Mads Bjørnå, (Fanatic/Simmer/O’Neil, DEN-20) fought his way through the masses and won over his enemies in a long and tough vikingsupersession! Alex Nøkkentved, (Exocet/Tushingham/Gotcha, DEN-118) fought bravely but had to settle with a second place together with young hotshot Martin Sorensen (Fanatic/Naish/O’Neil, DEN-300).

Big thanks to all the sponsors of the event: Gotcha, Exocet-Original, Tushingham, H4 Boardshop, RRD, PatLove, Gimle

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DUOTONE True Windsurfing
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