St. Lucia | Nov 18 - 9:00 MESZ | E - 5-6 Bft
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Koch Surfanhänger
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25|04|2006Switch Chachoo
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25|04|2006Shock Diablo -> Check the Clip
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Hello Everybody,
I had a blast this morning in Malcesine sailing on 5.9 - 5,3 for a couple of hours with all my friends,getting reaady to go to Podersdorf!I also uploaded some new Clips including a chachoo,switch chachoo,switch chachoo diablo(teflon),shablo and an Eslider 540 to the freestyle video section!Check em out!Later

Mattia I-00

Mistral,North Sails,Dakine,MFC,Scorpion Bay,Morgan,SurfSegnana,Amex,Icewind

Fanatic PWA World Champs
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