boot Düsseldorf 2018

Lanzarote | Jan 19 - 18:00 MESZ | N - 5 Bft
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Surf & Action Company. Reiseprofi seit 1993
16|04|2006Oesterdam, Netherlands
001 -- Paul, Flaka

16|04|2006Amstelmeer, Netherlands
002 -- Niek, e-Slider

16|04|2006Gent, Belgium
003 -- Paul, Indoor Spock

Last weeks very wind, but cold.
Last weekend indoor in Gent, Belgium

on WWW.TEAMTHEBUNCH.COM loads of pictures from: South-Africa, Bonaire, Cold water sessions and Indoor in Gent.

MauiSails, ION, Q8, Swatch, Canon, RedBull, Globe Shoes,

Fanatic PWA World Champs
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