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30|12|2016      ENTRANCE FREE - 25 min Windsurf Action von Valentin Böckler und Julian Wiemar

Unter dem Motto "The entrance is free, come and discover our vision" veröffentlich Valentin Böckler den knapp 26 minütigen Video über Julian Wiemar und dessen Freunde auf Ihren Trips über den Globus bei der Sportart, die sie lieben - das Windsurfen.

Julian Wiemar

„The Entrance to go on the water is always free, no matter where and when. Windsurfing makes us happy, so we found the entrance to happiness, and it is for free. This is the best thing that happened to me in my life. Of course there are travel/gear costs etc, but in contrast to many other sports it doesn’t cost anything to enter our playground, the ocean.

What I did since the middle of last year is what I always wanted to do - windsurfing and traveling around the world with my friends without any competition pressure. Even my broken hand and some torn ligaments couldn’t stop me from having fun. Thank you very much to all my family, friends and sponsors to make that dream come true and thanks to Valentin for capturing it on film. Valentin broke his foot on the very first trip of the journey, in Brazil, but much worse than my injuries. He couldn’t windsurf for more than half a year, so we decided that he would keep on traveling but using his camera instead of his windsurf equipment, so he followed us to different spots in Brazil, South Africa, Canary Islands and to Norway to film my dream year. On that journey we realized how much fun filming actually is and we started to get more and more into it. Valentin constantly upgraded his camera equipment and his skills and we are proud to show you the outcome of our first bigger film project. I hope you guys enjoy it and tell us what you think!“

Camera: Valentin Böckler
Additional Footage: Julian Robinet
Edit: Valentin Böckler, Julian Wiemar

Thanks to:

Flo Brunner, Patrick Supper, Marco Bezler, Elke & Jörg Weimar, Max Böckler, Lene Kyte, Kevin Langbehn, Adi Beholz, Julian Robinet, Adam Sims, Jeremy Plüss, Balz Müller, Tony Mottus, Jakob Müller, Loick Spicher, Fjord Norway, Geier S Vik, Merkel Thies

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»» https://www.instagram.com/entrance.free/

Autor: ssr-rh

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