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14|03|2015      Schöner Clip von Dieter van der Eyken und Bern Media

Schöner Short Clip von Dieter van der Eyken und Bern Media. An einem bis dahin wahrscheinlich noch nie gesurften Spot in Holland.

Dieter van der Eyken

"After the PWA season ended last year I got approached by the guys of Bern Media if I was interested into making a little clip together. As it turned out just a few days later a good forecast appeared and we tried a new spot probably nobody had sailed before on a very small inlet near Hoorn with dead flat water but a bit gusty winds. In the end all worked out great although it was a typical dutch stormy day with almost no sun and a lot of rain me and the guys of Bern Media are happy how it turned out. It's not about the action but more about why after doing this sport for almost 16 years and being a pro windsurfer for the past 5 years I still love it as much if not more than when I started! Hope it gets you pumped up to score that perfect session and you enjoy this clip which is a bit better than the other clips I normally put online! Thanks also to my sponsors: Starboard, Severne, Camaro, Sunwise and C7"

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