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15|10|2014      Die 2015er Quatro Boards sind da!

In diesen Tagen präsentiert Quatro seine 2015 Board Range. Bei dem neuen Pyramide, Cube, Sphere und Tetra geht es gewohnt bunt und radikal zur Sache.

Pyramid Surf Wave

The Pyramid remains unchanged from last year. It’s still the reference for wave riding down the line and carving. Vertical and thigh turns to the limits you can imagine. Mainly for side shore conditions.

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Cube Control Wave

The Cube is the Quad. The shape remains similar with last year but the nose is wider and shorter. That makes it a high performance quad wave boards impressive to ride in a wide range of wave and sea conditions. As a quad you can have a great compromise for every rider's style, making wave riding more accessible and easier to push the limits. We could say an average / high speed and allowing any kind of turns, maybe more tight than long turns.

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Sphere All Around Wave

The Shpere has more rocker on the lower sizes an less on the bigger. The target is to have a fast side/side one oriented board. Good for jumps thanks to it’s speed and also suitable for bigger guys. It’s longer and narrower tail helps for a stable and quick planing. Medium to easy turns.

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Tetra Free Wave

The Tetra: gets a fuller outline and rails. A fast rocker on all sizes and more edge to keep planing. It’s program is Freevawe. It’s a board looking for optimized compromises of speed, handling, mixing fast and nice turns to have fun everywhere.

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Auch auf der deutschen Facebook Fanpage werden Euch nach und nach die Boards vorgestellt. Ein Blick lohnt sich!

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