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Karpathos | Mar 27 - 3:50 MESZ | ENE - 5 Bft
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08|12|2012      Antoine Albeau setzt mit 52.05 Knoten einen neuen Speed World Record

Wolkenüberzogen beginnt der Morgen des 22. November 2012 in Luderitz, Namibia. Der Wind bläst mit 40 bis 45 Knoten über die Speedpiste und Antoine Albeau setzt zum Run an.

Mit 52.05 Knoten knackt er als erster Windsurfer die 52er Marke und setzte einen neuen Weltrekord. An diesem Tag gelingen dem Franzosen noch fünf weitere Runs über 50 und sechs über 51 Knoten - Respect!

Interview mit Antoine Albeau

Ciao Antoine, why did you decided to go for this challenge?
I had to go to that challenge because I was the record older since 2008, So I came in Luderitz first to try and do better than 49.09 and then try to break the 50kts and today I just did 52kts !!

Which is your impressions about the speed track?
The speed track can be difficult and also easy. Easy because almost everybody can take the start, but once you are started in the run it is another story !!
It’s gusty, narrow and after the finish there is not so much space to brake!

How were conditions the day of your record?
Today was sunny, windy 42/43kts and the run was almost flat!

Which kind of gear have you used?
I was on my NP Evo5.4 and my custom RRD, I used MXR fins and Gazoil fins.

Which was your feeling having smashed your old record and the 50 knots barrier as well?
Big smile of course, I couldn’t believe I could be able to break the 50 knots and today I just did 52.05 !!

How do you feel while you’re blasting at over 50 knots along the channel?
It takes a lot concentration, so it’s hard to feel the difference between all the run we go, but every run we want to break the old record, and I can tell you that the feeling is always the same: that we are going fast !!

Autor: ssr-r | Pic: Eric Bellande/RRD

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