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05|04|2004      Kevin Mevissen gewinnt European Freestyle Pro Tour / Swiss Funboard Cup, Hyeres, 1.4. bis 4.4.2004

Report Day 4:

As the wind came back on the last day of the competition, we could do all the missing eliminations from the first day.

The first heat was started at 2 p.m. showing a very hard battle between the young italien talent Matteo Guazzoni vs. Fabian Weber (Mistral / North Sails) from Germany. The winner of this heat was Matteo moving to the semi finals where he was facing another italien guy Andrea Rosati (JP).

Andrea had a very hard quarter final against a very strong and well performing Michael Rossmeier (F2 / Arrows). It was a very close decision but the better variety of the manoeuvres took the victory to Andrea.

Kevin Mevissen
The first semi final heat showed Kevin Mevissen (NP / JP) against Daniel Aeberli (F2 / North Sails). Both riders showed freestyle windsurfing in perfection, but again the variety and difficulty of the moves shown by Kevin took him to the final, where he was facing the Italian routinier Andrea Rosati (NP).

Andrea Rosati
This was the best heat shown during the competition, Andrea showed all the new style moves coming up during the winter months and also his overall performance and style was outstanding. But if you are facing against Kevin Mevissen (NP / JP) you can never be sure what this young dutch guy can pull out of his manoeuvre bag. The difficulty and variety of the moves shown by Kevin on these day where absolutely unbelievable. He was like dancing with his quiver. So it was a very close but fair decision and Kevin took the title of the first event of the EFPT 2004.

In the losers final between Matteo Guazzoni and swiss rider Daniel Aeberli (F2 / North Sails), Matteo again showed a very strong performance and proved to be one of the best freestyle windsurfers within Europe. It is no doubt that this guy will be found more often in the top of the elimination ladders of this tour.


1 Mevissen Kevin NED H 79 JP Neil Pryde zembla
2 Rosati Andrea ITA I-0 NONE Neil Pryde Alitalia,MFC
3 Guazzoni Matteo ITA I-711 NONE NONE amex, patlove,ignoranz
4 Daniel Aeberli SUI SUI 96 F2 North Sails Stimorol,Mambo,Smith,Maui Magic, STS
5 Weber Fabian GER G 999 Mistral North Sails White Water, Surfstadl Ammersee
5 Roßmeier Michael AUT AUT 256 F2 Arrows Tirolsail, Dark Dog, Rip Curl
5 Olandersson Andreas SWE S-66 JP Neil Pryde Quiksilver, Surfers Paradise
5 Baptiste Beer SUI SUI 166 Fanatic Gaastra Rip Curl Oakley
9 Günzlein Normen GER G-186 JP Neil Pryde Chiemsee, Loop-performance
9 Slabe Tine SLO SLO 6 F2 Arrows Fun Sports Actual
9 Bikich Daniel AUT AUT 12 F2 Arrows Upside Down
9 Christen Stefan SUI SUI 291 Fanatic Naish
9 Kosmowski Jakub POL POL 288 F2 Arrows
9 Treboux Laure SUI SUI 952 Fanatic Naish Rip Curl Surfshop Preverenges
9 Ferraro Christian ITA CRI NONE NONE
17 Jauch Florian SUI SUI-48 F2 Arrows Mambo, Spanset,Urkb,Die Mobiliar,Windsurfing Urnersee
17 Kalensky Michael AUT AUT 258 Mistral North Sails luis trenker, maui magic, boardshop.
17 Michele Franciosi ITA I-700 AHD Neil Pryde Surfplanet
17 Schmidt Jonas-Jessyn GER G-120 Mistral North Sails Happy-Surftours
17 von Allmen Jean-Marc SUI SUI 696 Fanatic Naish
17 Christen Sibylle SUI SUI 294 Fanatic Naish
17 Zwygart Valentin SUI SUI 322 Fanatic Naish Oakley
17 Simoner Josef AUT F2 Arrows/NP

Autor: EFTP, Pix: EFTP

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