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>>> 14th April 2002 <<<

Der erste PWA Wave Worldcup in Vargas ist vorbei. Nachdem nur 2 Runden (1/8 Final) fertig gefahren wurden, gibt es jetzt das Kuriosum von 16 ersten Plaetzen bei den Herren.
Die Damen bleiben leider ohne Wertung.
Trotzdem war das Ganze eine gelungene Veranstaltung. Und heute gehts tuechtig rund bei der Abschlussparty!
Naechster Worldcup: Leucate, Frankreich, Freestyle vom 16-21 April.
Dr. Beat, North Sails Teammanager

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>>> 13th April 2002 <<<

After a promising start to the day here in Vargas the wind and waves failed to reach a consistent enough level to allow any official competition sailing. This morning looked like we were on head high hollow waves and wind blowing from the northeast. However by the time the breeze had fully kicked in around noon, high tide seemed to dissipate the swell.

Despite the lack of official competition there was still some hot free sailing going down. Dutch sailor Erik Troostheide (Mistral, North) was amongst the first to hit the water this morning. With a light offshore breeze and a smack-able shore break Toasty was pleasing the crowds and fellow sailors with some sick aerials.

With one day remaining here in Vargas it looks like the competition may go down to the wire. We have already scored with epic down the line action in the North of the island three days ago. If the forecast co-operates a day of ballistic Vargas jumping could make one hell of a finish to the first wave event on this years PWA world tour.

>>> 12th April 2002 <<<

Calm before the storm!

We are back on standby here in Gran Canaria following a day of light winds on all shores of the island. After the sensational opening day of action two days ago many sailors have been resting aching muscles, re-tuning equipment and preparing mentally for the next round of competition. The men¹s single elimination has now boiled down to the last sixteen and with most of the top ranked sailors still in the game it looks like we are in for a major showdown when action resumes.

Just an example of how tough the battle is going to be; the line up for the first heat of the men¹s third round is Kauli Seadi (Naish boards, Naish sails) versus Nik Baker (North, Mistral) and Jason Polakow (JP, Neil Pryde) against Scott Carvill (Naish boards, Naish sails)! It is a pretty tasty line up and no doubt each sailor will be extra focussed and have to pull out all the stops if they want to advance.

Young Aussie sailor Greg Allaway (JP, Neil Pryde) is through to the top sixteen. Grubby, as he is known amongst tour sailors beat Jesper Stridde of Sweden and Erik Troostheide (H90) on route to the third round.

TV Images from this event will be broadcast to over 100 countries world-wide. Sportshows TV, the PWA¹s new media partners, are covering this first leg of the world tour as part of their new eight program TV series dedicated to the PWA World Tour. Two half hour programs on the Vargas event are scheduled for broadcast later in the year, but a special version is being cut for a Channel 4 program in the UK, which will air at the end of May.

>>> 11th April 2002 <<<

Day of rest!

The World Cup camp moved back to Vargas today to wait for the regular winds to return. The wind was out there but didn't quite pick up enough at the right angle to hold any competition today.

After yesterdays spectacular action sailors were left to think of what might have been and what lies ahead for the next few days. Most sailors sorted out there equipment got it ready for another day of battle.

Organizers and officials were all very up beat today after completing enough heats for the event to count towards the official PWA wave ranking for 2002.

PWA Tour Manager Richard Page
"It's nice to get the official competition under our belt, quite a surprise from the usual onshore conditions usually experienced at Vargas, it just goes to show the incredible versatility of Gran Canaria as a premier windsurfing destination. We expect some great footage from the action yesterday".

Weather forecast still looks good for the weekend, so there's still a good possibility of running the finals and double elimination.

>>> 10th April 2002 <<<

Gran Canaria is going off!

Spectacular wave competition commenced today here in Gran Canaria although in rather unexpected circumstances. This morning the wind was still blowing from the south at Vargas and too offshore and flat to compete. Scouts were sent out from the race crew to check out the conditions further round the coast of the island. When logo high waves and side shore winds were discovered on the North Shore the decision was made to move the competition venue. The logistical side of moving over seventy-five contestants and all of their equipment ran surprisingly smoothly and by midday the first PWA wave action of the season was underway.

In side shore gusty winds blowing anywhere between 15 and 35 knots combined with up to mast high waves two radical rounds of the men¹s single elimination were completed. The majority of sailors here in Gran Canaria were expecting to be competing in cross onshore jumping biased conditions, so today's unexpected twist of circumstances provided a whole new ball game out on the water.

>>> 09th April 2002 <<<

We are on hold here at the Gran Canaria, Vargas, PWA Wave Grand Prix 2002. Southerly winds made for offshore and flat conditions at the contest venue today. The locals are predicting however that the wind should switch round to the normal direction before weekend.

The draw for the men’s and women’s single eliminations has produced some interesting encounters. Young Aussie newcomer to the PWA tour Ty Bodycoat (Starboard) will face local hotshot Jonas Ceballos (Proof Gaastra). Ty’s travelling partner Luke Walmsley (Starboard) will face another Gran Canarian local Orjan Jensen (Proof, North). Ty and Luke who carry the reputation as two of the hottest sailors from Western Australian wave have been given PWA wildcards here in Vargas.

>>> 08th April 2002 <<<

The worlds elite wave sailors from both the men’s and women’s divisions of the PWA world tour have gathered here in Vargas, Gran Canaria for the first event of the season. Today, the likes of Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Proof, Neil Pryde), Vidar Jensen (North) Kevin Pritchard (Bic, Gaastra) and Jason Polakow (JP, Neil Pryde) amongst many others have been making final preparations so that they are ready for official competition which is due to start tomorrow.

The conditions here in Vargas are currently calm but locals are predicting that the nuclear winds which have given Gran Canaria its reputation as one of the windiest places in the world should be here by the weekend.

Last years event winner, Vidar Jensen who hails from Norway is confident that the wind will return. Vidar, who is rated by many as the best jumper in the world in port tack conditions beat local rival Bjorn Dunkerbeck in the final here in Vargas last year.

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