Hyčre | Mar 20 - 7:30 MESZ | NW - 1 Bft
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Get ready!
- max speed
- get out of the harness line
- move your sailhand back for more control
- make sure your feet are tight in the foot straps

Initiate a radical carve, like a bottom turn. It´s super important to really lean forward.

Here you go! Lean forward and bend your knees.

I´m still carving and starting to open up the clew of the sail and staying close to the boom. On this photo I´m super close to start the Wymaroo.

Now is the perfect time to take off. Pop out of the water as far as possible downwind, it's the easiest way to perform the wymaroo.

Now I'm in the air. I'm looking over my shoulder, because where you look is where you go.

Waiting for landing. The sailhand is still far back and my legs are little bent.

I'm getting ready for the most painful thing in the world (just joking!). I'm just holding on in the almost same position.

You turn more around if you have strong wind conditions. A sail like 4,7 is almost perfect for that move.

Get out of the water as quick as possible

You are done! Don't forget: SMILE


Rider: Diony Guadagnino
Pics: Thorsten Indra

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