Sardinien NW | Apr 26 - 2:20 MESZ | Wind calm
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_pirouette duck jibe
For this move you don't need a lot of power in your sail. Start by looking for a flat spot on the water, steer the board a little bit downwind and switch your feet. Very important: change the grip of your sailhand so that you're gripping the boom from the bottom up, keeping away from the mast as far as possible.

As you are pushing the sail to the nose of the board, you should let go off your masthand and try to grab the boom on the other side.

Start dancing. As soon as the mast starts moving to the leeward side, duck under your arm...

...and switch your feet as quickly as possible. Try to stay close to the mastfoot, to keep the board planing.

You have now reached the hardest part of the move. You are holding the sail in one hand, and because of the pirouette your wrist has extended to it's maximum range of motion...

...switch your hands over quickly before the sail is torn out of your hands.

Carve your board nicely...

...into the direction you came from.

Switch your feet, and continue with the next move. Next time I will try to combine this trick with a backwindjibe =>pirouette donkey-jibe


Rider: Remko de Weerd
Pics: Hugo Calo
Location: El Yaque

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