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PWA Starboard Severne Alpha Classic 2014
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07|11|2014      day 09

Der offizielle PWA Part des Starboard Severne Alpha Classic wurde gestern abgeschlossen. Am neunten Tag gehörte der Ho'okipa Beach Park den Frauen der AWT Pro Tour.

Junko Nagoshi
Hier siegte die viertplatzierte der PWA Wertung Junko Nagosh. Anbei ein kleines Interview mit dem frisch gebackenen Wave Weltmeister Thomas Traversa:

Thomas Traversa
PWA:How was it sailing with your injury?
Thomas Traversa: “It was nothing really. Initially when I did it I had a lot of pain, but when I was sailing I was absolutely fine. All I did before the final was to take anti-inflammatory’s in the morning and night, and thankfully that sorted everything out.”
PWA: World champion for the first time ever - how does that feel?
Thomas Traversa: For the time being I’m just happy, and also at the same time relieved that it is over. I’m sooo happy that I was able to keep showing my best sailing at every event this year. Pozo wasn’t so good for me, but every other event I performed well - always reaching the final. I think the difference this year was that I never gave up. I believed that I could go one heat further, rather than just being happy with making the top five. Finishing second here at the Aloha Classic is like a dream for me. Right now, I think that feels even better than the title, but for sure once I’ve had some time to let it settle in I will be even happier about winning.”
PWA: How were the conditions in the final for you? And what kit setup were on?
Thomas Traversa: “The conditions were really good. It was a bit tricky, with the wave sometimes closing out, but at the same time with the really offshore wind it meant sometimes it would just wall up into a really long wall - over head to logo in the biggest sets. I think this is the perfect size because this is the size where you can perform all the tricks, big aerials and big turns. I think it was basically the perfect conditions for a final. There was no luck involved because it wasn’t either massive or tiny.”
“Kit wise I was on my 4.2m GA Sails IQ, together with my 68l wave board, which is actually the same that I use everywhere else. “
PWA: How will you be celebrating?
Thomas Traversa: “I will celebrate this week with all my friends that are here - I have to and I want to - and then in a weeks time I’ll fly back home to France to celebrate with my girlfriend, friends and family. Then I’m just going to enjoy the winter at home, we’re expecting a baby in February, so it’s an exciting time and life is pretty good right now. I’m loving life.”
PWA: Thanks Thomas, and huge congratulations again.

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