Scheveningen | Apr 20 - 9:25 MESZ | NE - 2 Bft
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EFPT Neusiedlersee
28|04|2007      28.04.2007

The rider presentation in the big party tent was the bomb...

Sure there are jobs that could be worse than sitting in the sun, relaxing and havin the nicest time by a lake. Only that we're just waiting for wind again.
The event site is ready, looks good and we got a small idea of what is about to come today - it will be crowded for sure.

But first of all, the rider presentation was about to happen in the big party tent and this was unbelievable! One of the most famous german bands "Silbermond" gave a Concert in one of the huge party tents and after rhis we were supposed to show up and present the riders. No one can imagine how crowed the place was almost like the organizers wanted to check how many people you can bring into a tent. The riders have been presented on the center stage and we think that they are still stoked because of this place.

Big star of the event was again Andrea Rosati who celebrates his 10th Podersdorf Anniversary! After he has been presented, the Event Organizer Gerhard Polak gave him back the Entry fee and the whole tent was jumping when all other riders sprayed their beers all over him.

So what to do with all the people? Brian Talma, also on stage, managed to get two "Bacardi" boards (promotion stuff) and convinced Kevin Mevissen to throw him and a girl lying on the Boards into the crowds. They made almost a whole circle through the tent and when they came back to the stage it was like entering a complete new level of unbearable fun. Weather forecast is quite bad for competition; they're talking about 1 or 2 bft! At least its sunny and warm...

Autor: efpt, Pix: DaMike, Sandra Schenach

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