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Indoor London
12|01|2006      [day 1] - jan 12th 06

2006 London Boat Show in Association with The Daily Mail - Day 1

Ricardo Campello (V-111, JP/ Neil Pryde) is at it again.

Ricardo Campello (V-111, JP/ Neil Pryde) sets the standard for the days to come, by convincingly winning the jump-off at the 2006 London Boat Show in Association with The Daily Mail. In an awesome display of power, last year’s London Boat Show winner showed the crowds and his fellow competitors what he is capable of, never dropping below 20 points on any of his jumps.

With eleven riders taking on the ramp tonight for their best two out of three jumps, the crowds were treated to a spectacular opening session in the thirty knot artificial winds. John Hibbard (K-007, Starboard) had the honour of being opening act and started off the night with a respectable forward. In the next half hour, all riders got three shots at sticking the perfect jump, resulting in some big moves and even bigger crashes. Noteworthy were Douglas Diaz’s (V-34, Fanatic/ North) hazardous one-footed forward bail-out and Josh Angulo’s (US-11) big pushloop almost sending him straight out of the pool and racking up 24.5 points out of a possible 30. Campello’s second jump was a wicked pushloop, earning him a solid 27 points, which he would top later in the evening. Nik Baker (K-66, Mistral/ North Sails) was right behind Campello with a huge stalled forward, running up 24 points. Thomas Traversa (F-3, Tabou/ Gaastra) secured third place with a massive forward and an equally spectacular table top. Marcilio Browne (BRA-105, Naish/ Naish) stuck out his neck with a daring air chachoo attempt, but couldn’t rip it all the way around. Kauli Seadi (BRA-253, Quatro/ Naish) decided not to participate due to a minor injury, saving himself for the main event.

Ricardo Campello
The top three sailors were to face off once more to determine the final jump-off results. Thomas Traversa (F-3, Tabou/ Gaastra) scored big points with a tweaked table top, but crashed out on his other two jumps, while Nik Baker (K-66, Mistral/ North Sails) went for the table top and table top forward. But it was Ricardo Campello who showed everyone how it’s done with the sickest arched pushloop of the night, good for 28 points, a big forward and a clean table top forward. It was first place secured for Campello, followed by Traversa who got second and Baker ending in third place.

Cheo Diaz
So the standard is set and it is clear that it’s way up there. Tomorrow the official competition begins, so stay logged onto for all the latest news, results and pictures from downtown London as the PWA moves into the 2006 season.

Autor: pwa, Pix: Carter

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